We promise a 99% return with weekly payouts.

Total Waves Leased to Pool


Waves Blockchain

Next Generation Blockchain technology using Proof of Stake.

Mine Pool Leasing

Waves secures its network with a stake leasing protocol.

Educational Research

We provide ongoing reseach & support to waves token creators and supporters.

Community Support

Smaller stakeholders to combine forces and help securing the network.

News & Updates

WAVES paper wallet template

Custom branded WAVES token paper wallet Safe, secure offline storage for all your WAVES tokens. We have created a simple pdf form template where you can simply copy and paste your wallet id as well as your wallet alias. It doesn’t get much easier than...

Weekly lease payouts update

Please note that this weeks lease payouts have been slightly delayed due to the fact that it was Bram’s birthday party on Friday Evening. Payouts will happen this evening (Saturday 28 Oct). We would also like to thank everyone who helped us move from position 42 to 40...


Official Token of the BlackTurtle Mine Pool

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Bram is absolutely inspirational. His passion for the technical and his unique understanding of BlockChain fundamentals makes him a force of nature in this rapidly developing field. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Monika Vermeulen Van Zyl

Director, Monstrance Digital Art Studio

Incredible to see the thing happening on this platform and the potential just blows one’s mind!!

Garth Van Zyl

Owner, Medicare Emergency Medical Response CC