Some people where concerned about security and privacy from there wallets and data. I can assure you that I have been working all day to find the weak spots and improve the stuff that could be improved. The server has now almost all ports closed and the aps that are open are behind a proxy. Furthermore, ssh login is diabled from anywhere on the world. Except from my local IP. I strongly believe that the code I use for my bot, and the frameworks, provide the needed security and this make a data leak chance impossible. Also to note, I am the only person that has access to this server, and only from my home IP. So everyone can use the bot without being afraid to be exposed.
For the data we store in out database, we only store the chatid + the wallet id from the registered users. We can’t access items like phone numbers etc. Again this db is only available with localhost and again secured with another unique password. This database is NOWHERE replicated or anything else. There is also NO call possible from anything to expose any wallet id with a linked chatid. The only person that can get your chatid, is yourself within the bot. This is secured by the chatid we get from telegram itself, and this would mean to fake you are someone else, you first need to hack the telegram application. Like you probably understand this isn’t very likely to happen.