We are excited to announce our latest community experiment: Decentralized Voting on WavesPlatform!

We are looking to implement the theory put forward by Raymond NG in his document titled: Katalyst – Decentralized Voting on WavesPlatform v 0.1 (Draft)

Our goal is to see if we can produce the voting mechanism proposed in the document and implement the voting platform.

We will also test the stability and security of the voting platform through voluntary community participation.


  • Black Turtle Waves Pool will distribute tokens that will be used for the experiment to the volunteers.
  • Everyone will get 600 block time to vote (approximately 10 hours)
  • Everyone will get one vote only
  • Everyone will send their vote to a designated node address

Votes should be visible in real time.

The voter’s application roll will be open until 10 November 2017.

Make sure you stay up to date with the developments by joining our Telegram Group

Apply for the experimental voters roll:


Voting is now taking place with asset: 3MbLY1vNvecmHexUQfubEnNMeMZeEn4Hi1KvroM84wVA
(Graphic Token)

To vote:

  • Scan the QR code with your waves app on your mobile device.
  • Fill in the attachment field yes or no.

Please be aware there is a tx-fee for voting! You can get free waves tokens from the Black Turtle Faucet