What if it was possible to send an image with a payment?

Perhaps you would like to send someone a gift with a nice birthday card attached? What if, instead of paying advertising companies to show ads to your customers, you could pay your customers to view your advert? Maby you want to run a special promotion or promote a competition and you want to visually stimulate and at the same time incentivise your audience…

These were all questions that were mulling around in our brains in the early hours of yesterday morning. And by mid-afternoon, we managed to create a working prototype and tool for demonstration purposes.

And yes, security concerns were the first on our list and we believe we have addressed then sufficiently. Images or files are decoded and displayed but never executed, thereby preventing malicious manipulation and foul play.

and of course, in the spirit of science and discovery, we would like to give access to the tool to the public to experiment and play with.

To use the image display tool please follow these simple steps:

  1. get a URL of an image of your choice currently hosted on the internet. (ending in .jpg, .png or .pdf). Please note for security reasons we only display links that are https.
  2. Send any Waves token of your choice to any Waves wallet of your choice over the Waves Blockchain and paste the image URL in the attachment section of the transaction before sending.
  3. once the transaction has been confirmed, copy the transaction id and paste it into the form below and hit enter to display the image.

That’s it! you should now be able to see the decoded attachment as an image!