We promise a 99% return with weekly payouts.

Total Waves Leased to Pool


Waves Blockchain

Next Generation Blockchain technology using Proof of Stake.

Mine Pool Leasing

Waves secures its network with a stake leasing protocol.

Educational Research

We provide ongoing reseach & support to waves token creators and supporters.

Community Support

Smaller stakeholders to combine forces and help securing the network.

News & Updates

Black Turtle Waves Pool Dev Challenge

As you know, we are all about creating an interactive community. And it is with this spirit in mind that we reach out to all of you for our next experimental project. We love a challenge and we look forward to your suggestions and inputs. We are looking to prototype...

Black Turtle Telegram Group

We have launched our very own Telegram group where you can get updates, talk to the team and generally have a good time. Join us here: And because we also love having fun, we have created our very own telegram Sticker...

Black Turtle Waves Faucet

We are super excited to announce our all-new Black Turtle Waves Faucet!  Black Turtle Waves Pool has partnered up with who was kind enough to offer to sponsor all the distribution fees. In future, we plan to make our waves faucet dev kit available for...


Official Token of the BlackTurtle Mine Pool

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Bram is absolutely inspirational. His passion for the technical and his unique understanding of BlockChain fundamentals makes him a force of nature in this rapidly developing field. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Monika Vermeulen Van Zyl

Director, Monstrance Digital Art Studio

Incredible to see the thing happening on this platform and the potential just blows one’s mind!!

Garth Van Zyl

Owner, Medicare Emergency Medical Response CC