Waves African Exchange WAXEX

Nov 24, 2017 | 0 comments

The Challenge

Gaining access to the international token marketplace can be a challenge which results in higher fees and frustrating delays in buying the token of your choice at the optimum price.

The Solution

Simple deposits from your bank account give you direct access to the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (also known as Dex) through the WAXEX gateways.

Simple, Safe, Convenient.

The Rewards

WAXEX tokens give you access to direct distribution loyalty rewards, special offers and discounts with our B2B business partners.

So much more than just a token.

Token sale A

Start Date: 1-7 March 2018 

1,445,382 WAXEX tokens
available at 0.033333 WAVES each
Estimated total value $578,147

Soft Cap 46.8% of Phase A

Token sale B

Start Date: 8-14 March 2018

1,156,306 WAXEX tokens
available at 0.041667 WAVES each
Estimated total value $578,147

25% increase from previous phase

Token sale C

Start Date: 15-21 March 2018

963,588 WAXEX tokens
available at 0.050000 WAVES each
Estimated total value $578,147

25% increase from previous phase

Token sale D

Start Date: 22-31 March 2018

825,932 WAXEX tokens
available at 0.058333 WAVES each
Estimated total value $578,147

25% increase from previous phase