We LOVE our supporters!

To show them some appreciation, have distributed some tokens to our loyal fans.


08/01/2018 0.01wUSD each to top 100 $TN holders
10/01/2018 30 Liquid Tokens spread across circulating supply from 8M $TN

Splash Token Tips

To say thank you to out telegram group supporters we distributed 5 Splash tokens to all members that joined by 11/01/2017

Our 100th supporter got a bonus tip of 50 Splash tokens

A total of 595 Splash tokens were distributed using the new Tip bot developed in partnership with WavesGo.

Find out more about tipping with Waves tokens in Telegram Messenger


What are Splash tokens?

Splash tokens will be used in conjunction with future advertising services in conjunction with our Splash Notification telegram bot.


The Splash notification bot allows you to make link unlimited wallets, get rich content displayed in the attachment of an transaction received, and now also has price signalling for any trade pair on dex or Tidex for premium users – wallet balance with 10000 TurtleNode ($TN).